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 have used Esthetic Solutions dental lab for many years. I am extremely pleased with my working relationship with this great lab. Their attention to detail and desire to please both the doctors they work with and the patients they help that is beyond expectations. Their work quality is excellent. If problems occur, they quickly work to correct them and do so with a positive attitude. They are never late returning a finished case. Their technology and knowledge is up to date and progressive. I highly recommend this lab.


Dr. James Pace Sr. DDS

Belle Meade Family Dentistry


I have had the pleasure of working with Esthetic Solutions Dental Lab for many years. They are an excellent, full-service dental lab and provide efficient, high quality service. Their on time delivery of their product is excellent. I have had a good working relationship with their staff since the beginning. I would highly recommend Esthetic Solutions for all your dental lab needs.


Dr. Gary Waltemath, DDS

Iroquois Family Dentistry

I have been using Esthetic Solutions for 6 years and have really enjoyed working with them for all my lab needs. They do great work in all areas, especially anterior esthetics.  Their team is very accommodating and extremely reliable. I know that my patients appreciate their good work, and I feel good knowing that my patients have the best quality restorations. These guys are the best!



Dr. K.B. Parkes, DMD

Iroquois Family Dentistry


It has been a pleasure working with Esthetic Solutions.

Their determination to satisfy both the dentist and the patient with excellent quality work sets them apart. We continually appreciate the labs’ willingness to help us with esthetic restorations as well as accommodate busy patient schedules. We put our trust in Esthetic Solutions to provide high quality, durable esthetic dental solutions, and their friendly staff delivers on their promise.


Dr. James Pace Jr. DDS

Belle Meade Family Dentistry


I have been using Esthetic Solutions dental lab for over 6 years.  Their team has been great. Always on time and they make beautiful crowns. I would strongly recommend them.


Dr. Pittman, DMD

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